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As of this month, I’m introducing a new topic, which will feature one article per month. See, the macabre, eccentricities, and human stupidity are endless, so I thought we could all lift our gaze higher for a while and dive into the history of the constellations. June is the month of Gemini, so for all of you wondering, this is how it came to be.

Ever since ancient Babylon, this constellation has been known as “the twins”. Each civilization has an epic story or two about the twin brothers that earned celestial immortality. Still, since the official astronomical names are based on the ancient Greek mythology, I will present you this version of the story.


Today is the 20th of June, and astrologically speaking, the Sun is entering the sign of Cancer. In keeping up with this new section, here’s the story of the constellation, and it is an inglorious one…

You all know Hercules, right? That drunken, brutal, super-strong, fallen hero, who was deeply hated by Hera? I’m also certain you have heard of the 12 tasks he completed, but did you know that he had to go through with that in order to redeem himself for killing his children and wife while drunk? Yeah, I know, that fine detail wasn’t in the Disney movie…

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